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Dr. Carly Butterworth
Chiropractor in Orangeville

Hello there! I'm Dr. Carly, the owner and chiropractor of Westend Family Chiropractic and Wellness in Orangeville's West End. I divide my life into two worlds - being a chiropractor and raising my two young boys (Zachary - 5 and Hudson - 3) with my husband Elden.


As a chiropractor I pride myself on catering treatments to each person and never treating two people the same. I use a mixture of adjustments, soft tissue work and muscle rebalancing treatments to ensure that my results get you back to life as soon as possible. 


My confidence and love for treating families really stems from my love of treating my own children. Having had children I know the stress pregnancy has on the body and how much chiropractic can help. So I pride myself on being trained in Webster technique to help pregnant moms have the best pregnancy possible and postnatal care to ensure mom and baby are ready for their new adventure.  From ear infections to digestive issues to falls, my multi-faceted specialized pediatric training has given me the confidence to treat tiny humans..... especially my own! 


What is it that you aren't able to do either fully or partially that you'd like to be able to do again? What is it that you want for your child's health that would make their days just a little better? Let me help! 

Westend Family Chiropractic & Wellness

475 Broadway, Unit 4

(Broadway and C-Line)

Orangeville, Ontario

L9W 0A4

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