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Have you considered chiropractic for your kids? The saying "It is is easier to raise healthy children than it is to fix broken adults" resonates with us. We believe that by adjusting children regularly you are giving them a properly functioning nervous system. It's tough to know what kids need and  to know when the body isn't functioning at 100%. Children don't always have the ability to tell you when they are in pain, uncomfortable, sore or when something just isn't "right". And just like in adults if the problem is left without correction it can turn into something more difficult to correct. Some of the most common reasons we see kids in our office is for digestive issues, ear infections, newborn feeding issues (latching, side preference, tongue tie), concussions, growing pains, sports related injuries, bed wetting and wellness care. 

Chiropractic Care for Newborns

Many people think that their child needs to endure a trauma before it goes out of alignment. This just isn't the case.  We endure trauma even before we enter the world! They spent 9 months curled up in a ball in the womb with not much space to move around for a good period of that time until the day came that they endured the pushing and pulling forces of labour which can be extremely stressful on a fragile baby. This can cause misalignments in the body that can affect nerves affecting things such as digestion, breast feeding and movement right from the beginning of life. Treating children early can correct problems before muscle memory and movement patterns are established. 

Chiropractic Care for Children

Chiropractic is helpful for you child's development. Growing kids progress through the developmental milestones quickly. From lifting their head to sitting, then crawling and eventually walking these milestones are achieved within the first year and a half of life and take quite a bit of work on the infant's part to get right. As they acquire these milestones they often fall, twist, bounce, trip, tip, roll and crash. It's common, it's expected and it's unavoidable. However, the effect the physical stress and trauma they endure can be minimized with chiropractic care that returns the spine to proper alignment and restores normal nerve function without interference.

After the toddler years come the childhood years where children start to play hard and are learning their body's limits! They start to carry heavy back packs, develop poor posture and play contact sports. Many patients present with pain and poor biomechanics later in life and admit to long hours playing hockey on the ice or on the gymnastics mats where they just dealt with injuries. What if they had done chiropractic when they were young? Would they still be suffering with pain as adults. 

We make a point to make sure that all the stresses, traumas and demands your kids put on their bodies doesn't cause long term issues, doesn't affect how their nervous system functions and most importantly doesn't stop them from being kids. As a mom I know that I want to protect my kids from sickness, from pain and from discomfort and I imagine you have similar desires. I totally get that! That's why my true passion lies with treating kids of all ages to help provide wellness and health by keeping them healthy from the start.


Children and adults are different. That's why our exam for kids is just that: "an exam for kids." It's comprehensive to ensure that we figure out everything we need to about your child to ensure them the best care possible. So even if your little one is too shy or too young to communicate with us we will know exactly what is going on with him/her before proceeding to care. And the best part is we will communicate with you the whole time so you will be privy to knowing what we are are do and why. 



Chiropractic care is specific, gentle and painless. The amount of pressure used to treat a child is similar to the pressure you would use to measure the ripeness of a tomato. When treating children there is no popping, clicking, twisting or fast movements. The adjustments are done with gentle, sustained pressure as they don't have the muscle tension and bone development of adults. Call our team today for a no-obligation consultation and get your child on their way to a better life.

Ear Infections in Orangeville

Ear Infections in children are unfortunately very common. It is common to think that ear infections are caused by a bacterial infection and thus many search out antibiotics via your family doctor or nurse practitioner. Since many children suffering from ear infections report symptoms such as pain, fever and vomiting it is tough to determine whether they are viral or bacterial in nature as these symptoms exist with both origins. Proper diagnosis for the organism causing the infection requires fluid to be removed from the middle ear which is an expensive and invasive procedure, and many doctors end up just giving antibiotics whilst knowing it may not help. Another common treatment for chronic ear infections is the insertion of tubes called tympanostomy tubes. This is a highly invasive surgery whereas the child goes under anaesthesia and may require several attempts and is not always effective. 

It many interest you to know that only half of all ear infections are caused by bacterial while the other half are caused by a viral infection and viral forms do not respond to antibiotics. And for those that do respond to antibiotics and yet seem to continually reappear the issue may be a structural irregularity such that the breeding ground for the bacteria is persisting and new bacteria continues to be reintroduced. This is where chiropractic care may help. 

Chiropractic Care for Ear Infections

Interestingly, misalignments in the neck can affect the muscles around the ear and this impedes the ability of the nerves to properly communicate with the ear. This can compromise the ear's ability to function properly and it may be unable to properly drain infected fluid and protect itself from infection. When this drainage process of the inner ear is blocked the fluid remains stagnant. This is the perfect breeding ground for infections because it's moist, warm and protected. Also in young kids the tubes of the ear actually decline downwards and again makes it easier for bacteria to enter because gravity is there to help! This differs from adults where their tubes are angled upwards.  


Dr. Carly approaches ear infections from two perspectives: the nerves coming from the neck that are sending incorrect information due to interference and moving the fluid that is stagnant in the middle ear so the breeding ground is disrupted and the fluid is drained. This approach deals with the cause of the infection instead of focusing only on symptom relief. It is so important to deal with the cause so that we can prevent future infections and shorten the length of the current infection.  This significantly aids in the risk of the child enduring surgeries and multiple regimens of antibiotics in their childhood. Let's fix the source of your child's ear infections and stop them from suffering. We are here to help. Call our office today at 519-940-9888 to book a consultation for your child today. 


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